Dude’s Chronicles 8-23-2015: Breaking Ground Zeroes

mgsvgzI’m sad. Phantom Pain doesn’t come out for more than a week and I just want to play more Metal Gear. Just for fun, I played a round of Ground Zeroes ignoring the actual goals of the mission and just tried to kill as many guys as I could. That was fun and proves to me that Ground Zeroes is a great little sand box to play in. Other than that I keep trying to play more of Peace Walker but I’m hating the need to grind just to finish the game. I got to the Zeke battle but find it to be damn near impossible without upgrading my weapons. The problem being that it seems to be an almost impossible, at the least annoying, grind to get better weapons for this fight. I want to complete the game but I don’t want to jump through all these hoops to do so. Sure, the clips are all on YouTube but that feels cheap and unrewarding. Not sure where I’ll go with this.

hurt_locker_poster_m_0Batman, the Michael Keaton version, is still in heavy rotation on my watch list. I tried watching Hurt Locker only to realize I had actually seen it before and don’t think much of it. It feels like one of those movies that was a big deal at the time of its release just because of the time it was released and its relevance to what has happening in the world. Watching the movie now just doesn’t have the same weight as when it was new. Not to say that is a bad movie, just that it doesn’t hold the same attraction that it did upon its initial release.

Finally getting to watch some preseason football felt pretty damn good. Yes, it is not “real” football but it is a signal that it is on the horizon. Still waiting to get my tv service back since the cable company didn’t ship my box for a full week after I ordered it. Not sure how these companies don’t understand why people hate them. There should be an easy way to explain it to them involving a flowchart that ends in a middle finger.

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