Dude’s Chronicles 7-26-2015: Shot in the Back

lower-back-pain1The official word from the doctor is that I have a herniated disc in my back. The next step is to get an epidural and hope for the best. Please send no sympathy as I already had a pity party for myself and have decided to move as best I can.

ORANGEAfter watching the complete three seasons of Orange is the New Black, I have concluded that I don’t like it. It started out with a good concept and decent story but it never seemed to go anywhere. It felt like the story kept swirling around the same events and never moved on. Perhaps one of the biggest issues I had was the lack of consistency and realism. Granted that I am no expert on prison life but it didn’t seem that this show was true to what it would be like on the inside. There were too many times that instead of brawls or fights the parties would fester about things and then talk it out. Fights and attacks did happen but not at the level which I seem to think they should have.  Another thing about the prison life is how the inmates could live such a lackadaisical life. One day the guard would yell at an inmate for trying to leave lunch early but the next day they walked right by the guard without issue.

What got to me the most was the main character. Piper never takes any care or pity towards anybody else and is completely self absorbed. Centering a show around a character that is this intolerable to watch made the show not worth it. This is a shame because there were some compelling characters in this show but they never got flushed out and I don’t want to return to the show to see if they do. Crazy Eyes was the most entertaining character and probably could have had a deep story but it just never happened. If you like the show go ahead and watch it but I have no desire to see anymore of it.

What I do want to watch more of is Bob’s Burgers. Perhaps the change of pace is as welcomed as much as anything but I am enjoying the laughs.

halo2Upon completing Halo: CE from the Master Chief Collection, I moved straight into Halo 2 Anniversary. The anniversary edition had some nice updates to the in game graphics but the complete reworking of the cutscenes was spectacular. Except for nostalgia, it wasn’t that compelling as far as replaying the game went. The only thing that really struck me was the fact that I had forgotten how awkwardly the campaign ended. My next step is to complete ODST and have already started it. Then I’ll move on to Halo 3. For some reason I decided to go in the order of the actual story timeline rather then the order that the games were released in. In the long run it really doesn’t matter since I have time to get through them all.

Off to do some light back exercises and watch more episodes of Bob’s Burgers.

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One thought on “Dude’s Chronicles 7-26-2015: Shot in the Back

  1. I know at least in the first season, OitNB got a ton of praise for portraying what life was like for women inside of prison. I haven’t heard many articles like that since then. I wonder if S2/S3 just became more about the characters rather than Piper dealing with her problems, and observing the Prison life. Cause I did enjoy the few episodes of S1 that I saw.

    But that really makes me wonder. Piper is a HORRIBLE character and I know that she was portrayed that way on purpose: The white girl who gets thrown in among prison inmates, some who have committed some fairly heinous crimes compared to her ‘Oops I hung out with the wrong lesbian.’ But the entire show is based off a real experience, and a first hand accounting from the real Piper in the book that she wrote. Did she write herself as a boring, shallow character, or was that something they did for the show? You have to wonder how the real Piper feels about it. Or maybe she’s as oblivious as the fake Piper and hasn’t even noticed.

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