Dude’s Chronicles 7-19-2015: Netflix Domination

No, I’m not dominating Netflix, rather it is dominating my time. It started with the sixth season of Parks and Recreation. That show still makes me laugh and wish I were more like Ron Swanson. As much as I enjoyed watching that show, I am not enjoying Orange is the New Black. I’ve heard a lot about this show but I don’t tend to agree with the praise it is getting. The storyline is convoluted and lacking in believability. Not that I know anything about life in prison but a lot of what is going on in this show just doesn’t fit together in my mind. Too many people take too much time to talk things out, whereas I would think that a lot more of the situations would more likely end up in a physical fight or worse. However, I’ve committed this much time to it I’m going to stick it out and finish watching it.

I got around to finally finishing one of the games from Halo: The Master Chief Collection. The plan was to go play all of the four games in order but somewhere in the seventh chapter of Combat Evolved something most have distracted me way back when it was released. That was where I picked the game back up at and played through to the end of the first game. I think my tweet sums up how I feel about that experience but I still want to play through other games.

Let’s talk Destiny. I’ve been playing less of it and it seems that that trend may continue. Bungie released some info on upcoming weapon changes and I, as well as others, are not in favor of them. Likely, they put the info out before enacting them to get feedback and I think they are in for some strong blow-back. Essentially they are making exotics less exotic and nerfing guns across the boards.

Bungie continues to meddle with the damage properties of guns to balance game play only to make new imbalances. When auto-rifles were dominating they got the nerf treatment, and now that hand cannons and pulse rifles are dominating they are getting nerfed. There are also proposed changes to exotic items that may be terrible nerfs. Wolfpack Rounds on Gjallahorn dealing less damage and slower recharge rates on Ice Breaker are two of the stand outs to me. All shotguns will be getting nerfed just to try to deal with the over-bearance of Felwinter’s Lie rather than just addressing thee weapon itself. Now we’ll go back to auto rifles and shotguns with high fire rates. Yeah, what’s old is new again!

The continual tinkering with Destiny is its greatest blessing and most annoying curse. They’ve tried to make rewards better and it is debatable how much, if any, the loot system has improved from when the game first released but to continually mess with the workings of the game is a bad thing regardless. Long term players will bitch, moan, and complain about these things but ultimately find ways to adjust. Whereas the casual or light duty players will get frustrated and confused. On the plus side, maybe I’ll actually use that No Land Beyond I have, or not…probably not.

Maybe it is irony or just good comedy that Xur didn’t/couldn’t sell a weapon this week. Bungies says it was a “glitch” and they couldn’t fix it before Xur had to end his visit. So instead or not buying a crappy useless weapon you can keep the strange coins to buy some crappy useless weapon next week, maybe.

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