Dude’s Chronicles 6-12-2015: A Day Without Rain

sunshineIt’s a beautiful day but I’m not going outside.

2891183-batman-arkham_knight-review_promo_20150618This week I tried to play as little Destiny as possible. It feels good to not be playing that game. The fews times I did play were not enjoyable and only reinforced my distain for the game. Perhaps it was Bungie’s lackluster handling of Bungie Day that finally pushed me over the edge. Instead of Destiny, I payed Batman: Arkham Knight. I’m not quite done with it yet and still have some mixed thoughts about it.

I’ve also been devoting a lot of time to Netflix by watching things like….

Batman_ver2Because it was there and I still think Michael Keaton is the best Batman, after Adam West of course.

cake-posterI didn’t know anything about this movie or the fact that people were making a big deal about it. After watching it I see why. It is not what anybody would have expected from Jennifer Aniston but perhaps they should. I won’t go and tell you that it is as fantastic as people are making it out to be but it was worth watching. Unfortunately I identified with part of this movie, the main character’s chronic pain. I’ll tell you that when you have that kind of pain you are not only in misery, you are a miserable person.

ex_3006711bWho doesn’t love these movies? They keep getting worse every time and that just makes them even more glorious.

01-Road-House-frontRoad House! Which of course has to be said as…

familyguyroadhouseThen there is…

frankensteinWhich is not really worth watching.

unbreakable-kimmy-schmidt1Which is funny but not as funny as 30 Rock. Tina Fey is a funny lady but this series just doesn’t have the same appeal as 30 Rock.

Maybe if I could watch Netflix outside I would go out.


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