Destiny: The Rant


Many have stated their distain for Destiny and I have largely refrained from it but events of late have just struck me wrong. Complaints can go back to Destiny’s inception and while some have been corrected others carry on. At the heart of things, however, it is not Destiny that is broken, it is Bungie. This studio has failed to live up to their own hype on both expansion sets as well as the main game. Promises of improved storytelling have not materialized and broken reward systems are still broken at best.

The House of Wolves did some to correct the wrongs that were thrust upon players but Bungie continues to disrespect its players. The recent announcement of The Taken King should have been a cause for joy but rather became a source of ire. The cost of $40 was tenuous at best since it equals the cost of both the previous expansions and still has not clearly defined what will be in The Taken King. Bungie’s stance of ambiguity has long become tired and annoying yet they persist with it, standing over players like the omnipotent God of their game and we their subjects. Those that have not already been over-devoted to game get the best deal by getting the base game and all the DLC up to and including The Taken King for a cool $80.

The inclusion of exclusive items in the $80 edition caused yet another fervor that Bungie decided to quell with gasoline rather than water. Whether emotes are important to you or not, frankly the exotic items would be far more valuable in game, it is a poor position to make it so that loyal players that have been part of the game since the beginning would not have access to these. Bungie had the perfect opportunity to extend an olive branch and gain some good will but they chose to further irritate their players by offering the exclusive content for all players for an additional $20. If you do the math, that means current players must shell out $60 despite already owning all of the other content and new players get everything for only $80.

Perhaps the last straw came today, Bungie Day. The seventh day of the seventh month has always been a special day to Bungie and its community. In the past there were special playlists in Halo or other events. Today though, Bungie crapped out a couple videos and announced a few contests. Essentially they put together an homage to players grinding and offered them ways to do more of it. There are no special playlists or games types, much less in game rewards. It feels less like a hug and more like a thumb to the nose to be given nothing more than a chance to grind more in a game over rot with grinding and absent of reward. What is a fair reward for your efforts? According to Bungie it is a cosmetic banner.

Personally, this all means it is time to take another break from Destiny. Time away granted perspective previously and perhaps can do so again. A chance to play the Master Chief Collection and see if maybe we thought too much of Bungie and their games to begin with. At the very least, time to play some games that evoke good memories and little expectation of reward other than just playing the game. Games we meant to be enjoyed, not crush our hearts as Bungie has so unlovingly done.

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A self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing on the western side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet.


2 thoughts on “Destiny: The Rant

  1. I’ve resisted getting Destiny until now, mostly because the initial overblown hype made me wary. But I am thinking The Taken King may be the time for me to give it a shot. And it seems like Destiny’s plan with the next xpac is to attract new players. Still, it is troubling that they seem to be sticking it to their most loyal customers.

    • New players are getting a good deal for $80 and if The Taken King adds enough content even $40 can be a good deal but Bungie’s track record with this games certainly leaves doubt that it will live up to their hype.

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