Dude’s Chronicles 6-28-2015: Gjallahorn Edition

Finally got Gjallahorn, now I can stop playing Destiny.

happy-valleyWatching Happy Valley put a choke on my Netflix consumption last week. I probably watched it four or more times trying to digest it. There is still a mix of thoughts I have about it. Free The Nipple was not nearly as intriguing or interesting as it sounded and turned out to be the one case when I wished Netflix’s rating system went below one star. I did watch Mortal Kombat just as a complete change of pace. That movie is still terrible in many ways but it is one of those movies that is so bad it is entertaining.

Gjallahorn finally dropped while doing my third Vault of Glass run this week. The group I was playing with was really laid back but skilled and it ended up being one of the most enjoyable runs in recent memory. We were able to clear every stage on the first or second try, even with only having five players for the Gatekeeper and Atheon stages. My Gjallahorn dropped with Atheon but I wasn’t the only one that got a long awaited reward. From the Templar, we had one player get his first Found Verdict and another got his first Fatebringer. We also had another wayward soul get his first Gjallahorn but he got his from the chest in the Gorgon Maze. When this happened my heart sunk a bit because I thought there was no chance of a second Gjallahorn dropping in the same raid. Thankfully RNG out weighed my pessimism. A special thanks to the guys that went through this Vault of Glass run with me just for making it an enjoyable run and the rewards were a bonus on top of it.

On some level I’d like to think that getting my Gjallahorn from that Vault of Glass run was an apology for my previous run, which was one of the worst VoG experiences ever. What made it bad was that there were people that did not know what they were doing and not admitting it. The ‘not admitting’ part was what I had a problem with. People didn’t know where Oracles were or that containment bubbles kill you if you are jumping and several people refused to pick up the Relic. It is okay to be new to the game or not know a part of it but please be honest and say so. My experience has been that most players are very welcoming and willing to explain things because it helps everybody. Not only will the event go smoother, it also is a good feeling to help someone out and teach them something they didn’t already know. So if you ever find yourself in unfamiliar territory, it’s okay to speak up and ask for help.

It also could have been that Bungie saw my Tweet and decided to give me Gjallahorn but I doubt it. Now that I have Gjallahon I’m not sure what I’m playing Destiny for anymore as I don’t have any goal. I keep thinking…”Gee, I really would like something that fired watermelons”.


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