Dude’s Chronicles 6-21-2015: A Dubious Departure

open-roadSome calls are hard to make but I had to make one of them. If you’ve followed my posts here or at What’s Your Tag? for the last year or so, then you know that I’ve been contributing content there, however, I will not be doing so anymore. It was a tough choice to make and many factors were part of the decision but in the end I felt that I could not give the attention necessary. If you have followed What’s Your Tag? in the past, I would ask that you continue to do so. If you have not, then I ask that you check them out and give them a chance. As for me…..

agents-shield-season-2-renewalI finished watching season two of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and I was not disappointed. Joss Whedon continues to deliver a complicated but compelling story throughout this series. As outlandish and far-out as it may get with aliens and conspiracies, the true driver of the series remains the characters. This seems to be the hallmark of Whedon’s work and this show is another fine example. Then I watched Taken 3 and well….let’s just move on. There wasn’t much else that I watched, other than trying to watch Transformers: Age of Extinction again. That movie does not get any better and is still unwatchable to the point I had to turn it off to save my sanity and keep myself from loathing Transformers all together.

E3 was the big tech-oriented thing for the last week, particularly in gaming. VR and AR were big but not of particular interest to me. It was nice to finally see The Last Guardian revealed even though it is something that I don’t have an interest in playing. The biggest surprise for me was Microsoft revealing backward compatibility. I never in a million years thought that would happen and we were doomed to an never-ending barrage of remakes and remasters. With this reveal there is at least a chance that less games will get recooked for the new consoles and more time can be spent on new games, that is a big bonus. Sony doesn’t officially have a backward compatibility plan but I think they could leverage PS Now by detecting your PS3 disc in your PS4 and then letting you have access to the game, just a thought.

wordofcrotaIn the never-ending quest for Gjallahorn, I played massive amounts of Destiny only to be left without what I seek. Although my Nightfall strikes gave me some decent rewards, two exotic Warlock helms, I am still one of the many left wanting for Gjallahorn. Even with running both raids and level 34 Prison of Elders on all three characters, as well as one level 32 Prison of Elders, the closest I got was a second Hawkmoon and No Land Beyond. At the very least I got free exotic shards for my efforts. I won’t complain about the raids since I did manage to get the Fang of Ir Yut and The Word of Crota from separate runs of Crota’s End. I would still like to get Black Hammer and Hunger of Crota but all I can do is hope those items drop next week.

Many will pan Destiny and I still don’t blame them for doing so but even in this game there is a community and connection between people. I won’t reiterate the entire story since you can read it here, but when gamers can come together for a greater cause it should be noted. This was a fantastically beautiful tribute and should be recognized as such.


dudewantshisrug-profilePaul Novak

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5 thoughts on “Dude’s Chronicles 6-21-2015: A Dubious Departure

  1. You know… we could totally do a “FUCK YEAH SONY” podcast now…

    PS: Did you get a beta key for Smite at all? I’d love to tackle some Assault and shit with you.

    PSS: Also are you in the Xbox Preview program? I just got in and I can send you one.

    PSSS: Seriously. Fuck Yeah Sony podcast. I feel like it needs to be done.

      • I feel like they were so busy pimping out the batmobile they forgot to tell us anything else about the game. Seriously. The back of the box was making me laugh, all it really mentions is the batmobile. I’m still debating if I’m going to pick it up, but I might wait for an awesome sale. I still haven’t finished City. Or Origins, but I don’t think anyone counts Origins. O(≧▽≦)O Sorry terrible joke. Naw I just need to get all caught up on my Batmanning. Thinking of being a brat and switching over to the Playstation side of things for the Batman series, I’ve always played it on Xbox, but that would require me to 100% Asylum again…

        I’m free between 2pm and 8pm tomorrow if you want to shoot the shit on a podcast. And would you like an invite to the preview program? I can shoot ya off one. No idea what it’s really good for but I guess preview program gets some of the new features like backwards compatibility sooner than others?

      • Will do! Turning on Xbox to send you an invite now. It takes up to a day for you to receive the message. If I manage to get any Smite codes, I’ll send one over to you.

        And will do again on the shouting at you. I’ll shout loud. Super loud. Megaphone loud.

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