Dude’s Chronicles 6-14-2015: Somewhere in Nowhere


Sometimes you find yourself in a place with no direction, inbetween things and places. Looking around for a course of action or direction to follow and it isn’t apparent. Maybe just throw stick in the air and see which way it is pointing when it lands, that might be the way to go.


To keep my mind occupied, I played more Destiny and now I’m remembering why I and others stopped playing. Through playing the weekly Nightfall strikes and four raids I received almost nothing of substantial worth. The lot of strange coins I have is for not since there is nothing to spend them on that I need or want. Any drops I have gotten have been equally as useless because I already had the weapons or armor that were dropped. Unless Bungie and Activision announce something fantastic coming to this game, it is going to fade further from grace. I took note that many of the people I played with had a distinctly irritated tone when speaking about the game. There seems to be a growing disgust with the game but if rumors are to be believed this may only get worse. There is rumor that a $40 dollar expansion is to be announced soon and will possibly available in September. Unless this expansion is better valued than the first expansion, I feel that more players will leave this game including myself.

I did play a few other games but I’m still either playing them or formulating my thought s about them.


For relaxation, I went back and re-watched Firefly. It is amazing how well that show still holds up after all this time. Even the movie, Serenity, is worth watching to this day. After watching that entire series, it came to my attention that the second season of Agents os S.H.I.E.L.D.. It seems like I missed something from inbetween the seasons but I’m still enjoying it.

I’m going lay around, watch Netflix all damn day and nobody will convince me to do otherwise.



Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!


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