The Good, The Bad, The House of Wolves

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destiny-house-of-wolvesMay 19th of 2015 may become known as the day that players started hating Bungie just a little bit less.

The House of Wolves not only brings fresh content to Destiny but it also gives much needed fixes to the game. Many players cursed and screamed, some even walked away from the game, after some of the changes implemented with Destiny’sThe Dark Below expansion. The latest expansion is somewhat of an apology to players.

Even though there were few missions added…

First, the additional story content. Even though there were few missions added, they are of a higher quality than the previous expansion. The storyline was larger and more flushed out but fell short of the highest levels that Bungie has been known for in the past. The mechanical delivery of the story is its greatest flaw, the same voice over then action and more voice over technique continues…

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