Howl At The Moon On May 19th

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Let’s get the high fives and ass slaps going, Destiny’s second expansion, House of Wolves, has been given a release date of May 19th! Huzzah!!!!

As craftily detailed in Bungie’s press release the expansion will include…stuff. That’s right, in what has become the typical Bungie fashion of over using ambiguity, the only real fact in the release is the release date of May 19th. Never in recent memory has a company been so blatantly vague and obscure about content with an imminent release.

What will be included in the House of Wolves will be a guess-timate based on what was included in The Dark Below expansion. Expect about three more “story” missions(and I use that term very loosely), a strike, additional raid, and three multiplayer maps. The Dark Below also had a second strike but only on Playstation platforms, making this a possibility in the House of Wolves…

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