Dude’s Chronicles 4-9-2015: Sorry, It’s Not Sunday

greetingsHello, how are you? I missed you. Did you miss me? Awhh, you’re sweet.

Given the holiday and everything else going on, I didn’t get my “Chronicles” post out on Sunday. I took the day to enjoy it with family and I hope that you did the same. My hope is that this special edition will somehow make up for the week I missed and the post I will not be doing this Sunday either. Please don’t be salty about it, I enjoy penning this for you as much as you enjoy reading it but I have out of town plans this weekend. That also means that my normal “Words of Wisdumb” will not appear as scheduled. It may make a dubious appearance if the proper whimsy meets me but be warned…it will be posted from my smart phone and the formatting will be questionable at best.

If you follow anything I do here, then you probably know that I also contribute over at What’s Your Tag?. We’ve been struggling to “find our voice” of late and have changed things up a bit. If you are so inclined, then please take the time to peruse through the site and give us some feedback. One of the changes we have made is to the format of our podcast. We all got tired of recapping the week’s news in video games and decided to make the format more conversational and personalized to what we are currently in to. If there are any big news items, we are likely to touch on them but we wanted to get back to having more fun with what we were doing. I normally reblog the podcast post but I didn’t this week because I wanted to include it here. Please take time the time to give it a play, even if only as background noise for a while.

John-Wick3Other than the tea cup ride of madness that constitutes my life of late, I did get a chance to sit down and watch some movies and such. A friend of mine and I spent some quality time watching cinema together. We began with rewatching the first Iron Man movie and I have to admit it still holds up well in my view. Parts of it showed a bit of age but that was overshadowed by the sheer entertainment value and the realization of how much of the Marvel Universe was teased and quietly set up in the film.

Continuing on our action packed adventure, we dove into John Wick. Although I was throughly entertained and enjoyed the movie, I can’t watch Keanu Reeves and not expect to hear the phrase ‘whoa dude’ at some point. The premise of the ultimate badass is somewhat played out at this point but this movie gave a slightly different spin to the idea by taking the character and showing it after its prime with some rust on it. Unfortunately I hear tell that there are plans for a sequel and I’m not sure that that is something that should happen. There are times when we should just let a great thing be great just once and not try to milk it to death. Then again, if they can continue to make something fantastic then I would be all for it. However, I will point to the Matrix sequels and Taken 2 as examples of things that should not have happened. (Potential spoiler alert!!!!! I did laugh out loud after Ms. Perkins’ death scene, maybe I really am a bad person.)

Beyond those movies, I did watch The Big Lebowski for the ???th time. I also started watching the fifth season of Archer on Netflix but since I could not quite remember the story line I jumped back to the fourth season. This is a decision I cannot regret because even as the story comes back to me and I know I have seen it all before, it is still hilarious.

Neverwinter-1-620x350Games, you say? Sure, I’ve played some games. If two games is the proper amount to call for the plural of the term. As I stated previously, I was playing back through Diablo III but this time on Xbox One. I was making good progress and had obtained the level of 31 while somewhere in the second act but I ran into a slight problem. The problem being that Neverwinter was released on Xbox One. I had played a handful of hours of the pc version but did not stick with it because I knew the Xbox One version was coming. Even with not being an RPG player, much less a fan, I have to say that the game has taken my attention and I have sunk many more hours into this version than I did the pc version.

Please bear in mind that my only exposure to RPG’s involve Diablo III, Neverwinter, and some Final Fantasy. With that in mind, don’t expect me to communicate very well about what I am doing in these games. If you listen to the podcast I mentioned previously, you can clearly tell I don’t have a clear grasp on these games and their systems. There is a struggle on my part to be competent in the game and to make good decisions with what I am doing. There have been a few times that I sold gear that hindsight has shown I should have kept. Also, I seem to lag behind people I play with when it comes to leveling up. Unclear to me it is if I am not approaching the game correctly to gain experience or if simply they are spending more time in game than I. (Yes, you should have read that in a Yoda voice.)

biglogIf you read this post as soon or near to the time that it goes live, I will be on the highway. My destination in front and my worries behind. Chasing the wind and biding my time until I get where I’m going. May there be more angels than devils in your path and more strikes than gutters in your game. If there are dark skies, may there be silver linings. I wait to return, hoping you’re here.


Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!

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