It’s A Good Thing Xbox One is Closing the Gap

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microsoft-xbox-one-review-system-v2With the announcement of 6.6 million in sales last quarter, the total console sales are now significantly closer with PS4 still leading at about 18.5 million sold, and Xbox One somewhere in the 11-12 million range. Not only is Microsoft edging its way back to the top, it is forcing Sony off of its heels.

We’ve already seen some of the positive effects this is having for consumers. The Xbox One price drop during the holiday season is back for an extension, but that may not be the only reason for the up tick in sales. Smaller initiatives like improving Xbox Live Gold membership benefits have helped as well. There is also the huge sums of money being used to secure exclusives from smaller titles like Scalebound to triple-a titles like Rise of the Tomb Raider. Even the HoloLens reveal shows a willingness to innovate.

“Sony has always been a conservative…

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