PODCAST: Looking Ahead to the Games of 2015!

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2015 is loaded with a healthy amount of games to be released, and it’s only January. Everything from new titles and sequels, to re-releases and remasters in just about every genre are headed our way. Whether it’s a AAA title or a small indie, there will be plenty for all of us, and we’ll have to make some tough choices as to which ones are worth opening our wallets for.

Some of these upcoming games have us salivating in anticipation, be it a new entry to our favorite series or a new universe to explore, but others also have us a little concerned. Not all of the upcoming games are going to be good–sorry to have to break that to you–so we’ll be covering that as well.

We’ve taken a look over this year’s pending releases and considered all the information we can to determine what we’re excited for and what still concerns us. The…

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