Balanced Matchmaking or Player Cheating?

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call-of-duty-advanced-warfare-2Cheaters. You can’t get away from them. No matter how a game is designed, people will find a way to cheat even when the design was intended to help less skilled players. The latest hub-bub of this happening is with Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. Apparently the “in” thing to do is to stand in the corner and kill yourself to lower your rating. This will get you moved into a match with lower rated players and let you place your domination upon them. You’ll feel like a bad-ass but the other players will feel cheated.

First off, if you are doing this you are a cheater, no mincing words about it. Play the game legitimately and earn your rewards fairly. Don’t take advantage of other players in order to gain rewards or to feel better about yourself. Developing your skills and getting better will ultimately be more rewarding than getting…

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