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Arcade-GamesMost of us love and enjoy video games by playing them hands-on, but for many people spectating is just as much fun. This form of digital entertainment has grown considerably and has a bright future ahead, but it also has some potential obstacles that could derail it.

Back in the olde tyme of gaming, watching someone play video games meant going to the local arcade and peering over somebody’s shoulder. Hanging with unsavory, maybe unclean characters was well worth the risk just to see people playing the latest and greatest video games on the market. Alas, gone are the days when life, limb, or virtue had to be chanced just to see these marvels of video game technology in action. In this modern age of on-demand entertainment, you need go no further than the safety and comfort of your own home.

We can now watch live or pre-recorded video game footage just as easily as…

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