Get Your Crackers, Destiny Still Has Cheeses

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Whatever your taste, Brie, Gouda, Atheon, or Crota, Destiny continues to supply the freshest of cheeses. On the same day that the patch was released to address exploits in Crota’s End, new cheeses were posted.

In perhaps the most hilarious of cheeses, the lamp phase is no longer cheese-able by using a lamp explosion to catapult yourself. Now all you have to do is jump. No, no, no, you read that right. The new cheese takes the same path as the old but rather than having the lamp explosion catapult you across the map, players must simply use their most agile jump to continue on to the later part of the phase. You can see in the video above that the exploit plays out almost exactly the same as it did previously, sans the lamp explosion.

Even the patch for the bridge phase has be re-cheesed. Watch and listen…

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