Crota’s End – Another Nail in Destiny’s Coffin

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destiny-crota-mainCrota’s End was to be the culmination of Bungie’s response to user feedback regarding their raids in Destiny. It comes to pass that little, if anything, has been improved.

The Vault of Glass, Destiny’s first raid, was originally met with awe and applause. Soon after its arrival, however, its flaws became readily apparent. From “exploits”, to glitches, to “cheeses”, the Vault of Glass became the central event that many players either loved or avoided. Crota’s End picked up this mantle and tripped on itself doing so.

destiny-crota-lampLess than a month later, we find that there are still “cheeses” and “exploits” to be used. The first stage of the raid gives players the ability gain rewards by soloing it. Various methods can be used to complete the stage and gain raid level gear with minimal effort and time. Just use your favorite search engine or go straight to YouTube for a…

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