Bungie Bungles The Iron Banner

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destiny-iron-bannerResetting reputation earned is the least of your concerns with this round of Destiny’sIron Banner. You should be more concerned that the possible rewards are not worth your effort.

If being disappointed by The Dark Below were not enough, the Iron Banner makes a less than triumphant return to Destiny and brings more shame to the game. Players will find that the reputation level they had earned previously has been reset to zero. This was well advertised and is how Bungie intends it to work for the event. The proper levels needed to acquire gear can be attained while completing bounties in the Iron Banner and equipping banners, shaders, and class items previously obtained quicken the process.

Destiny_20141217143457Where the game fails, yet again, is in the rewards players can get. Lord Saladin isn’t offering anything noticeably better than his Vanguard and Crucible counterparts. Armor prices have a max light level…

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