The Dark Below Delivers More Disappointment to Destiny

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Destiny-dark-belowIt has become a sad state of affairs when the best thing about Destiny’sThe Dark Below expansion is the lack of Peter Dinklage.

Destiny was to be one of, if not THE biggest game of 2014, but technical issues have been the least of the game’s problems. The launch was rocky, but this year has seen enough troubled launches that it is but a small detail. Bigger issues not only exist, but persist within the game. Unfortunately, the game’s first expansion and accompanying changes have not only failed to fix those issues, but have, in some chases, exacerbated them.

One of the first things The Dark Below did was to raise the level cap from 30 to 32 for players. However, Bungie made a somewhat ill-fated decision to take that as an opportunity to raise the difficulty upon the weekly Heroic and Nightfall strikes by two levels as well…

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