HELP!!! Destiny: The Dark Below – Urn of Sacrifice Bounty

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Destiny_20141212101449For those playing The Dark Below expansion in Destiny, you’ll be offered the Urn of Sacrifice bounty from Eris Morn. Be prepared to grind this bounty out to get your reward. I won’t be listing the entirety of the bounty, but will be hitting some of the key points and giving you some tips.

The first tip I’ll offer is to make sure you have some time to do this since it took me about three hours to complete it. Also, be sure to grab all the Vanguard and Crota bounties that you can. You’ll be able to complete most of these while completing the Urn of Sacrifice bounty.

Destiny_20141212101517To begin the bounty quest, you must wait for Xur to appear and then go see him. It will cost you one Strange Coin to purchase the Urn. Once you have the Urn you can begin the string of quests associated to…

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