Dude’s Chronicles 12-7-2014: Destiny Delivers Woes Not Wows

Christmas presents piled underneath a christmas tree.Anybody done with their Christmas shopping? Don’t expect fancy gifts from me, unless you think my bank checks look fancy.

The Master Chief Collection still hasn’t been getting much play time. I’ve gotten half way through the first campaign and I still can’t get into playing it. But I did make the video above. Maybe you can hear my sense of frustration. For so long I’ve taken things like ADS and sprinting for granted in games. It is somewhat humbling to go back to the old Halo mechanics.

Destiny-dark-belowDear Bungie, please stop ruining your own game! Recent updates to Destiny have made some good changes but also some bad ones. Even some of the announcements for The Dark Below are questionable.

Exotics will be upgradable but the cost may make doing so prohibitive. Ascendant materials are no longer required for upgrades on exotics but the newly introduced Exotic shard is. You will also need these exotic shards to buy the upgrade for your exotic item. However, if you plan to upgrade an exotic you best be prepared to pay a heavy cost. To get the upgrade from our favorite merchant Xur you will need not only an exotic shard but also 7,000 glimmer. If that was not enough, your weapon will be reset and you will need to apply all the upgrades again. Therefore you will need the XP, materials, and another shard to re-upgrade your item.

The first item I want to upgrade is my favorite weapon, the Ice Breaker. Therefore I have to plan to have at least two exotic shards, probably about 10,000 glimmer(7,000 for the upgrade and more to pay for upgrades during the re-upgrading process), weapon parts, and planetary material. I have two fully leveled Ice Breakers, after this I will only be keeping one and will break the other down. The thought of having one for each character has been abandoned and the hassle of swapping will have to continue.

Just as a side discussion, here is a list of currency(things you must earn and/or spend) within the game:

  1. XP
  2. Glimmer
  3. Motes of Light
  4. Strange Coins
  5. Spinmetal
  6. Helium
  7. Spirit Blooms
  8. Relic Iron
  9. Weapon Parts
  10. Hadronic Essence
  11. Plasteel Plating
  12. Sapphire Wire
  13. Ascendant Energy
  14. Ascendant Shards
  15. Exotic Shards
  16. Crucible Reputation
  17. Crucible Commendations
  18. Crucible Marks
  19. Vanguard Reputation
  20. Vanguard Commendations
  21. Vanguard Marks
  22. Iron Banner Reputation
  23. Radiant Energy
  24. Radiant Shards

Perhaps more annoying is some of the other changes coming with The Dark Below expansion. Nightfall and Heroic strikes will now be two levels higher(30 and 24/26/28, respectively). There is reasoning to be recognized that this will keep the game challenging given the new light and weapon levels. On the other hand, this is yet another crutch keeping casual players down. Many of these players don’t have the equipment to do these strikes now and the new level will make it absolutely prohibitive. The other questionable decision involves the new raid. On some levels it makes sense to have it be a level 30 event but this again will prohibit some players from even entering it. One item I can’t find reason for yet is that the hard mode of the new raid will be level 33 but the light level cap is 32. Is this an attempt my Bungie to slow players down from attaining the plunders of the harder challenge? Or is there another mechanism coming that will allow a player to be level 33 before the second expansion arrives?

In speaking with other players, there seems to be two camps in this game now: those excited for the new content and those who are quitting the game. Lovers and followers of the game are excited and want more. They are digging in their heals getting ready for the new fight. Most other people see Bungie making it even harder to get anywhere in the game. They don’t have the time to continuously grind to get newer and better gear. These players are keen on abandoning the game completely. I am wavering somewhere in the middle of this. The decision to stay in this game or move on will be based on what The Dark Below delivers and how the changes effect the game.


Bio Card Paul

Paul Novak is a self described Polish ninja toiling away as an IT professional but more into gaming and writing. Physically existing in the west side of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania yet existentially flowing with the ether of the Internet. Found here at What’s Your Tag? and on the Twitter @dudewantshisrug. Game on with Team XBRO!

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