Happy Birthday PS4!!!

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ps4-hrdware-large19It hardly seems like it, but the PS4 will be one year old on November 15th. There have been some bumps in the road and a few promises left to fulfill, but let us celebrate what we have and what is yet to come.

The buzz leading up to the PS4 release was an outrageous combination of new hardware anticipation and hatred towards its rival. The previous console, PS3, was getting a little long in the tooth having been released in 2006. Some games had found ways to push the old hardware to its limits (think about The Last of Us) but it was clear that new hardware was needed to make upcoming games look and feel even better.

resogun_11Fools would believe that the initial sales of the PS4 were completely on its own merit. The launch line up wasn’t as strong as it could have been since

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