EVOLVE’s Big Alpha Leaving Some Big Questions

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2KGMKT_EVOLVE_BIGALPHA_BLOG_HEADERThe EVOLVEBig Alpha is perhaps not answering some things and leaving some to wonder.

The biggest thing some of us will be wondering is how the game plays on the PS4. Initially the Big Alpha was postponed due to issues with the recent System Software 2.0 release, but even after a patch to the game itself there are still issues. Some are reporting problems with matchmaking whereas others cannot get the game to work at all. This could pose a problem to PS4 owners as this was their only chance to try out the game before its full release since the beta is scheduled exclusively for the Xbox One.

For those that were able to play, regardless of platform, they may be left to wonder if they have another Titanfall on their hands. Being both graphically beautiful and stunningly well crafted may not be enough to make up for…

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