System Software 2.0 For PS4 Arrives Tomorrow

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ps4-hrdware-large19In less than twenty-four hours, the public will have access to Share Play and other features on their PS4. System Software 2.0 is the latest and perhaps most coveted update to the nearly one year old console. Not only will Share Play be a reality, but direct YouTube uploads and playing music from a USB device will be as well.

This also means that we are less than twenty-four hours away from complaining about the PS4 features we still do not have. I, however, will not wait and will point out some of those features now.

  • Inability to play a music CD – not that I ever have any intention to do this but my PS3 and Xbox 360 can do this.
  • DLNA – again, my PS3 and Xbox 360 are capable of playing media without me moving it to a USB device first.
  • Instant on – remember…

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