How Do You Like Your Destiny – With Or Without Cheese?

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Destiny-HDThose that have ever played a game know about the fine lines between taking advantage of a glitch and cheating. The lines are argumentative and subjective at best. Even new games have not gotten rid of these methods and exploits.

As Destiny continues to evolve, Bungie has taken yet another of these advantages away from players. With patch, the “cheesing” method used in the Templar fight has been removed. Instead of being able to hide out on a distant platform, players now must actually battle the boss in a fair fight.

In some way the removal of this method seems almost moot. Any given raid team should be properly coordinated enough to handle this fight straight out. With the proper strategy and teamwork any team is capable of ending this fight just as quickly, if not more so, than the cheesing method.

I’ve never gotten to fight the Templar…

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