Destiny Doesn’t Need Matchmaking for Raids

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Destiny-HDYou can say what you want about Destiny. It has has become one of those games that you either love or you hate. Never will I say it is perfect, but I can’t stop playing it. Of all the issues that need resolved, I feel that the lack of match making for Raids and other events is not one of them.

Those that play Destiny are familiar with the variants that do not offer matchmaking within the game. Along with the Raids, other events such as weekly Heroic and Nightfall Strikes, do not have built-in matchmaking. Notice that I wrote “built-in matchmaking”. If you don’t know enough people to get a full Raid party together there are other solutions.

Interestingly enough, the community forming around Destiny has already solved the problem of matchmaking.  Bungie’s own website has been a hotspot of people joining groups and clans for the…

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