Destiny Review

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Destiny-HDDestiny was one of, if not the, most anticipated games to be released in 2014. Now that the hype train has pulled into the station, let us begin our evaluation of what Bungie has given us. Spoilers will not be discussed as this is a review of the game and not a detailed guide.

destiny-travelerSet in a time after humanity’s golden age, you and your fellow guardians are tasked with protecting the last city on Earth from the oncoming darkness. From the onset, the story it is riddled with vagueness and ambiguity. Known for its adventure based stories and futuristic settings, Bungie poised itself to deliver the next epic space adventure, but due to the lack of detail the campaign is the weakest element in the game.

The Traveler (the protector of the city) as well as the darkness (enemy of The Traveler) are never clearly explained. The true details of these and…

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