Destiny Planet View Is Here, But Day One Reviews May Not Be

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destiny-planet-view-introThe anticipation for Destiny is getting just as overwhelming as the hype. It’s to the point that many are eager for the game to be released not only so they can play it, but also so that the relentless advertising will diminish.

For those of us who have yet to have a proper fill of Destiny, Bungie has teamed with none other than Google to show off the planets of Destiny with Planet View.

destiny-planet-view-venusPlanet View is a guided tour through some of Destiny’s game space. Although it is not actual game play, it looks as though all the images have been taken directly from the game to construct the experience. Much like Google Maps and Google Earth, you can travel through the environment to explore. Moving from location to location can be done with the arrow keys, and your mouse can be used to pan the…

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