SOLD: Amazon Buys Twitch… What???

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The Amazon logo is seen on a podium duriDespite prior rumors of Google buying Twitch, it has been confirmed that Amazon has purchased the online broadcasting service for $970 million in cash money. KA-CHING!

The melding of Twitch and Youtube seemed like a no brainer. Taking a successful user driven video-on-demand service and combing it with a successful live broadcast service made sense. It made even more sense as time went on and Twitch started removing archives. The prevalent thought was that Youtube would become the archive service. Even the enabling of music copyright software lead many to believe Twitch was grooming itself for a Google buyout.

The marriage of Amazon and Twitch may be a little less clear but potentially just as powerful. Amazon has been building itself as a competitor to Netflix in the arena of streaming video for movies and previously aired television shows. Both companies have been slowly building exclusive deals for content and…

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