PS Plus: August 2014 Update

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PS-PlusPS Plus subscribers have something to look forward to in the month of August in 2014. The following games are coming PS Plus as the freebies for August. Behold!



  • Road Not Taken — a procedurally generated rougelike.
  • Fez — the critically acclaimed and hugely popular 2D twistable platformer.



  • Crysis 3 — fight in an over-grown New York City
  • Proteus — soundtracks are fitted to the game as you explore procedurally generated islands

PS Vita


  • Metrico — a geometric exploration game.
  • Dragon’s Crown — an action-RPG for up to four players.

I already own Crysis 3 on disk but never played it. Perhaps this is a sign to do so. As much as I’ve heard about Fez, I never got to play it either. Perhaps another sign.

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