Destiny Beta: Xbox One vs Xbox 360

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Destiny-HDIn the never-ending quest to decide who is the best, let’s pit the Xbox flavors of the Destiny beta against each other. Here it is, Xbox One versus Xbox 360 – Destiny beta fight!

The editions of this game differed on this set of consoles more than they did when I played the PlayStation versions. In that I mean, there were more than just graphical differences.

destiny beta xbone strikeThe Xbox One version of the game looked and played great. It may only running at 900p, but that was no issue. Yes, there were a few flaws, but bear in mind that this is a beta version and will most likely look much better in the final build.

destiny beta xbox 360 strikeGraphical quality aside, the Destiny beta struggled on the Xbox 360 and I’m not sure how well it will handle the full release. Say what you want about the graphics, it looks like an Xbox 360

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