PlayStation Store PLAY 2014 Line-Up Revealed

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psplayEvery year, the PlayStation Store treats its customers to a pretty awesome deal on a group of games and this year’s promotion looks great. The PLAY program this year will include: Rouge Legacy, The Swapper, Hohokum, and Counter Spy.

What makes the promotion special are the deals being offered. All four games are cross-buy purchases, meaning you get the PS4, PS3, and PS Vita versions of each game you buy. On top of that, PlayStation Plus members can get a 20% discount by pre-ordering the games.

Rouge Legacy: Retail $16.99, PS Plus $13.59

The Swapper: Retail $19.99, PS Plus $15.99

Hohokum: Retail $14.99, PS Plus $11.99

Counter Spy: Retail $14.99, PS Plus $11.99

Still not enough for you? Well…how about getting some money back? If you buy two games you’ll get a PlayStation Store voucher for $3 but you can get more back if…

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