Console Wars: Reality Versus Perception

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Console+Wars_fc3df4_4885012Who’s better and who’s best is not something that can be decided by numbers alone. In sports, people will argue that a team with a perfect record is better just because they never lost. Boxers are unbeatable until they are beaten. When it comes to consoles and games, even the most bitter sports rivalry can be matched.

We can all argue for who we like best and why. We can even disclude the fair-weather fans and fan boys if we want, but inevitably we make our own choices. In the court of public opinion, marketing is an unfortunately heavy influence. Furthermore, marketing likes to lean on raw facts and ways that they can “represent” them to us.

One of the most popular topics of the day is console sales. Even being only eight months into the most recent consoles, people want a winner declared and the war to be over, but…

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