UK Not OK with Dungeon Keeper’s Free-To-Play

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Dungeon-Keeper-for-Android-and-iOSEA is not the only player in the free-to-play market, but it is notable that its Dungeon Keeper game has been slapped by the British Advertising Standards Authority. The ASA will no longer allow EA to advertise Dungeon Keeper as free-to-play due to its use of timers and in-game transactions.

“The ASA noted that the game software was available to download for free, and that it was possible to play the game without spending money. However, we understood that several mechanisms within the game took a significant amount of time to be completed, and that these would only be speeded up by using the premium Gem currency. We noted that, although some of these actions could be done simultaneously, there was a limit to how many actions could happen at the same time and that the length of the countdown timers increased according to how far the player had…

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