Crimsonland Coming to PS4

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crimsonland-0If you like old-school, top-down, dual-stick arcade shooters, then July 15th might be a good day for you. 10tons has announced that it’s bringing Crimsonland, originally released in 2003, to the PS4 platform with updated gameplay and graphics.

Crimsonland features sixty campaign levels and five survival modes where your only task is to kill everything. To help you accomplish this, there will be thirty weapons that can be modified with fifty-five perks to change the weapon’s characteristics. If you have some friends over, you can even get into a local four person co-op and have the amount of enemies rise accordingly.

The game is already available on Steam for $13.99, therefore I would look for the PS4 version to cost about the same, but that has not been confirmed at this time. The game is also listed for the Vita but there are no details about any cross-buy or cross-save support, nor…

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