2015: Year of the Wii U – I Called It!

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nintendo-scott-moffittOk, I admit it may have been a joke when I said it, but someone with a lot more insight and knowledge about the industry feels like the Wii U is getting ready to hit its stride. That person would be Scott Moffitt, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Nintendo of America, the smiley chap pictured above.

In a recent interview, Moffitt addressed the slow start that the Wii U has had and compared it to the early struggles of the now hugely successful 3DS. He pointed out that the 3DS hit its stride after a price cut and some great games, like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land, were released. The 3DS is probably holding Nintendo afloat at this point and it shows a large amount of confidence to compare the Wii U to it.

Wii_U_GamePad_-_White_1There was also a dialogue about the Wii…

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