Destiny Early Access Alpha

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Rough, unpolished, but great to play — that is how I would sum up the Destiny Early Access Alpha on PS4. It was with a near giggle that I loaded up my copy of the alpha and saw the Bungie logo on my screen. As a player whose main platform is the PlayStation, Bungie has been a strong absence on my console of choice and this was but the first step in completely changing that.

destiny-alpha-dudeSince the beta will be available next month, I don’t want to go on about everything that was in the alpha. I’d rather you get to explore and experience Destiny for the first time much as I did, without prejudice or expectation. Especially since there is a good chance that the beta will show little more than what was available in the alpha, but what a treat this was.

destiny-alpha-000Following the script isn’t always my…

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