PS Plus: June 2014 Update

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The PS Plus program has been a strong point of emphasis for Sony, especially since the PS4 launch. It’s a program that subscribers value and it’s been a money-maker for Sony. As a subscriber, you’ll want to be aware of some changes that are being rolled out next month, along with a new set of free games.

The first change is that there will be two free games for per console beginning in June. That means 2 PS4 games, 2 PS3 games, and 2 PS Vita games for a total of six. This is great for those of us who own all three platforms, but those that don’t might feel slighted by this change.

The second change is a matter of ending confusion. The Instant Games Collection will now be made available from the first Tuesday of the month until the first Tuesday the following month. This will allow gamers to…

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