Battlefield 4 Announces New Way To Take Your Money

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Oh, Battlefield 4! You just can’t stop the train wreck that you are. Today EA announced that it has added mictrotranactions to the game. That’s right! Now instead of earning your gear you can outright buy it.

battlepacks-allJust to check my math, the game was originally $60 and the Premium subscription was an additional $50? That is already $110 dollars, not including taxes. Even at that, players won’t own everything in the game and can hand over money to get unlocks that they can get just by playing the game? Well, at least they have tiers to choose from, Bronze, Silver, and Gold, that cost $1, $2, and $3, respectively.


“I told you to buy the lug nut upgrade!”

 I’ve never been a fan of the microtransaction model and given Battlefield 4’s history maybe they should have waited until the next game to introduce this. Besides, shouldn’t they still…

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