PlayStation Makes Money, The Rest of Sony Not So Much

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Sony may be the lead dog in the console wars for the moment, but it’s still struggling financially. Earlier this year, the company had to revise its economic forecast and account for additional losses. In a speech at Sony’s Corporate Strategy Meeting, President and CEO Kazuo Hirai spoke about the company’s past and future.

File photo of Sony Corp's Chief Executive Officer Hirai attends a news conference at the company's headquarters in Tokyo

Hirai was very direct in addressing his mission to return the electronics divisions of the company to profitability. He didn’t pull punches when admitting he has not been able to do this:

“When I was appointed president, I made revitalizing the electronics business my highest priority, and we have since executed many initiatives. Yet, while the Entertainment and Financial Services businesses posted results that met or exceeded our projections last year, I am extremely disappointed that we have not been able to complete our electronics turnaround. In particular the fact that we have recorded a…

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