Blunder Blunder

runnerrunnerI watched this movie for one reason. Quite frankly, that reason was not good enough.

Poor, poor Richie Furst, he can’t really afford to be going to Princeton. He has been working a side job at an online gambling site to help pay the bills. It’s really sad when he gets found out and has to quit the job or leave Princeton. What’s a boy to do? Of course you take all the money you do have and try to win big at an online casino. Too bad the site is crooked and he loses. Trying to get his money back from the site, Richie ends up working for it. Little does he know that he is being used.

I’m not going to scold Ben Affleck¬†or Justin Timberlake for this film. Their acting was just fine. The movie and the plot just weren’t any good. It felt like one of those movies that were an adaptation of a book. You know, the kind where they leave a bunch of stuff out. This movie felt like it had unnatural gaps in it. Gemma Arterton was really the only reason I watched this movie. Although she looked great when she was on camera, the minuscule amount of time she spent there did not make this movie any more tolerable. Add to it the fact that her role seemed the most out-of-place and unnecessary but do not take that as stab at her acting. Again, I blame the film itself.

Runner Runner just isn’t good. Don’t watch this movie. Go watch something like Casino¬†or 21. Those are far more entertaining.

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