Thor: The Dark Whirl

Thor: The Dark WorldSaying it was better than the original isn’t exactly a compliment but it’s a place to start.

We find Thor defending Asgard and trying to bring peace to the nine realms. Odin is aging and waiting for Thor to finish his conquest so that he may be named the new king of Asgard. The pursuit of universal peace and unity is interrupted when an enemy, Malekith, from a time long ago emerges and sets out to complete the destruction he sought against the nine realms. This will take Thor back to Earth where the nine realms are converging. At this convergence is where Malekith is planning to release his weapon against the nine realms and return them to darkness.

Not that the first Thor movie was terrible, it just wasn’t very good. The sequel seems to be constructed better both in story and in character. Although the movie was fairly transparent and predictable it was still entertaining. The story wasn’t very deep to say the least and it seemed to bounce around a little bit too much at times. Seeing the same cast reunite and continue the story was nice – always nice to see Natalie Portman. Much like the first movie, Loki was still my favorite character. If you wonder if they will make a third movie, let’s just say that door was left wide open to the point they may have taken it off the hinges.

Overall, I say the movie is highly watchable. I watched it for free via a free rental code from Redbox. Maybe not purchase worthy at this point but definitely a rent and watch. There is just one thing that gets me and it’s not so much a problem with this movie as it is a problem with the Marvel movie universe. What bothers me is the fact that although all of the franchises are connected and have crossed over, they still largely ignore each other. In Thor: The Dark World and Iron Man 3, both heroes are need of help but never try to call their fellow Avengers. Apparently working solo is still the preferred method. Even the events of the Avengers movie are hardly acknowledged and only mentioned is a passing moment. I have not seen the second Captain America movie yet but I can only guess that it has the same issue. Maybe when the second Avengers movie is released all the heroes will recognize that each other exist again.


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