JourneyA beautiful and simple game – yet hard to explain.

The game begins with you as the player in a desert watching what looks like a shooting star fall behind a distant mountain. The journey then begins as you make your way to the downed star. Walking through the desert you find unknown ruins and perhaps other travelers on the same journey.

This PlayStation exclusive is truly a work of art. If you are into the action packed, run and gun games then this is not for you. Journey is exactly what its name implies. You as the player are taken on a journey through a beautifully imagined and crafted world towards an unknown goal. Even after finishing the game once, I am still unclear as to what exactly was happening or why but I am looking forward to playing it again. It may be that there is no set story or meaning but it is more left for the player to make his or her own interpretation.

The mechanics in the game are as simple as the scenery is gorgeous. The player has essentially two actions besides moving, those being jump and voice. The jump action can result in a glide ability depending how many ribbon like pieces the player has accumulated. Whereas the voice action, which really doesn’t make true vocal sounds, can be tapped for a quick voicing or held then released for a more powerful vocalization. Voice actions can activate items like murals or the aforementioned ribbons. Gameplay is simply making your way to your goal. There are some chances to explore along the way but there are no enemies to defeat or puzzles to solve along the way. Granted there is one enemy-like entity that you are best to avoid but if it does contact you you are merely thrown back slightly. The multiplayer element is seamless to say the least. Two different players joined and left my game with little or no notice.

Playing this game is like no other. It has the best blend of imagery and music that I have ever encountered. The sheer simplicity that the game makers used and were able to convey such emotion with is astounding. If you are looking for a great game experience that is like no other than take the time to play this game. The total game will take little over an hour to complete.

Available only through the PlayStation Network, Journey will set you back about $15. Well worth the investment since most likely you’ll play it more than once.


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