World War Zeke

World War ZThis movie had a ton of fail potential but pulled out a solid performance and became one of the better zombie movies I’ve seen.

What would you do when the world is over run with zombies? In the midst of rush hour traffic, Gerry must decide. He and his family were following their normal routine when the world went asunder. Crazed panic and madness abound as people out of control ravage the city. Nobody knows what is happening and nobody wants to say it but the zombie apocalypse is happening. Now Gerry must reluctantly help the United Nations forces that he left for his family in order to keep them safe. Nothing is easy and nowhere is safe. The normal can be turned at any moment and nobody knows why. Gerry must travel the world to find answers so that he can keep his family safe.

Having seen this film at a drive-in and on Blu-Ray, I’ve been blown away twice. Seeing it on an ultra-big screen is an experience that so many are missing and unfortunately is fading away. If you have a drive-in near, you really should support it. This was the first movie I ever saw at one and the experience was memorable. Having worked at a theatre, it was a unique feeling that has no way of being replicated. Back to the movie…

Having heard of multiple production issues on the endeavor, I had many doubts that it would be any good. Production was apparently stopped at one point. Re-writes were done. Re-shooting happened, I guess. Edits and re-edits were reported as well. How they pulled this off I’m not sure. Post-release, I’ve read and heard statements that the writer of the books says it has little or nothing in common with them. Having never read any of them, I can’t vouch for those statements

What I do know is, that through it all a quality production was presented to the people. I am not a big zombie or horror movie fan but this movie was genuinely entertaining. Brad Pitt is not a favorite either and even I enjoyed his performance. The fact that they worked opposite of many film mechanics resonated with me. Perhaps the biggest non-traditional element was the speed of the zombies. In most movies, the zombies are the slowest creatures on the screen but in this movie they are the fastest. Be warned that not everybody makes it and sacrifices are made.

I was turned from a hater to a fan of this film and would tell many people to watch it. They left enough open for sequels but I have no idea if any are coming. If I know anything about Hollywood it is that they like money and if they think that a sequel would make money, they’ll make it.


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