Tight and Fall

TitanfallSo many hours have already been lost to this game and so many more will be continue to be lost.

On the frontier of humanity, a war is raging. These worlds were settled long ago but a new conflict is rising. The Interstellar Manufacturing Corporation(IMC) has grown over countless years into a titan manufacturer whose power and influence rivals that of any government. Combating against the IMC’s massive control and corruption is the Frontier Militia. Even though the Militia is only a rag-tag group of small armies, they are working hard to give the IMC a run for their money by stealing supplies and attacking them on various fronts. In this struggle for power, alliances will be made and broken. Sacrifices and betrayals will plague both sides. This war will be raging without end for time untold.

Microsoft announced this game as a console exclusive along with the Xbox One. This has been the game that console gamers have been waiting for on the new Xbox. It has a great combination of being a new franchise(and I say franchise because there will be more of these games) and having proven developers behind it(the original founders of Infinity Ward). Respawn Entertainment has pulled no punches in porting this game for Microsoft. Realize that it was originally only supposed to be released on PC. The graphics and sound are fantastic. Running on the same hardware as Call of Duty: Ghosts, it has put it to shame. It’s pretty obvious that this was designed and developed with the new consoles in mind, foregoing the older Xbox 360 console(there is a version coming for the older console but it has already been delayed twice and being done by a different studio).

Not being one who cares for online gaming, I was very, very unsure about this game. Playing the beta really changed my mind though. This game presents not only a visually stunning game but also one of the most balanced and competitive multi-player experiences I’ve ever had. Some times it is the obvious things. Making sure that titans do not dominate over the pilots is one thing but making the battle areas workable for many strategies is another. There are places where long shots are workable but other have a subtle fog that keeps them from being abused. I do have one knock against it – the faux campaign. There is a menu option that says campaign but it is nothing more than a string of multi-player matches with extended intros. I can’t even call the intros cut-scenes since they are so short and have no cinematic feel to them. If multi-player only is not your thing then you best steer clear of this game.

It’s still new and popular so don’t go looking for much, if any, discounted options. You might find a few used copies at GameStop and the like but don’t expect those copies to be much cheaper either. Hopefully there will be some free DLC for this game to make the $60 price tag a little bit more palatable. I, myself, am still on the fence as to whether or not an additional $25 for the season pass is worth it. Check your favorite local retailer if you just can’t wait for Amazon to mail this baby to you. If you are feeling super ridiculous or need to burn money for last minute tax reasons, there is a $250 collector’s edition complete with your very own titan(sorry, the titan is only eighteen inches tall so you are going to look pretty silly trying to climb into it).


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