Prepare for…Controller Update?????

Just tell me I missed something.

Been spending a lot of time with my Xbox One playing Titanfall(more to come on that later) and I’ve been working unusual hours. I’d like to think that I just missed something with not reading everything about the Xbox One, suffering from sleep deprivation, and everything that goes with it but there are things I just don’t get with how Microsoft conducts itself.

This rabbit whole started out simply enough, I wanted to take a break from Titanfall and watch some Twitch on my Xbox One. For whatever reason, I decided to try navigating the console with the SmartGlass app, but it did not work. I get the following error message. SmartGlass ErrorSo I went to the settings on my console to check just like the error message tells me. Now you’ll start to see where I’m going since these menus don’t exist as detailed in this message on the Xbox One.

What I did find had me just as perplexed. Go to Settings, go to System, and you will find a menu option named Update controller. Update controller??? Yep, that’s what I said. I don’t recall having ever done this before for any console.  Xbox One ControllerSelect this option and you are prompted to connect the controller via USB(a cable Microsoft does not provide you), and leave any headset connected. Once connected you are prompted to click Continue and the update will download and install. It’s relatively quick and completely painless(after you find a micro-USB cable to use). Not sure what all this does for the controller but this is not something I was aware of needing to do.

Ok, so back to where I started with trying to use SmartGlass. I consulted the almighty wise one, Google, on how to get SmartGlass working with my Xbox One. Apparently there is a separate SmartGlass app just for the Xbox One. Sure enough, I download that to my iPad then I’m up and running.

Why so confused? Other than that just being a general state of late, I can only hope that these are things that I just missed. Feel free to tell me so if I did. I found news releases for the SmartGlass app dated prior to the console launch so I’ll take that one. Think maybe they could have added a line on the error message stating to make sure you have the SmartGlass app for the correct console? But was the need to update your controller a detail listed in the console update press release? Does anybody else do this? Have you done it with your controllers?


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