What’s In The Box? It’s A Chair!

Why is a chair in a box? Because it’s not assembled. I decided to make an investment in a decent office chair for my workspace. I did not intend to invest as much as I did but this was the most comfortable chair I tried while at Staples. The Hyken Technical Task Chair, model 23481, is the chair I speak of.

The box is…well, a box. Behold its glory.



Then you open it and start seeing the pieces.


When you start pulling everything thing out, you find things like the arms, the tilt control, and the stem.



You’ll also find the base and the wheels.



Don’t forget about the parts you’ll spend most of your time with over the life of the chair like the seat, back, and headrest.



That is what you get in this box. Once it is unpacked it is time for the assembly.

Bonus Audio:

The chair is not difficult to assemble. It would have gone faster if I had realized they provide the allen wrench you need. I spent as much time looking for one as I did assembling the chair. When I was pulling out the last bolts I found the wrench they intend you to use. Overall assembly time was under an hour and you can do it quicker by using the tool they give you rather than finding your own like an idiot.

When you are done you get this…





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