On A Given Sunday

Another cold day indoors gave me time to prep for Tuesday. What’s so special about Tuesday? Glad you asked, I had forgotten myself. Tuesday will mark the release of South Park: The Stick of Truth, finally. I had forgotten about this game since it has been delayed at least twice. In fact, I looked at the receipt from my reservation and it was from January 13, 2013. That is how long I’ve waited for this game.

So how does one prepare for this gloriousness? Well, start out with watching South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Then go and watch some of your favorite episodes or ones you’ve never seen before. I went back and happened to have the pirate episode be the first one I clicked to watch – still funny, it’s called Fatbeard if you want to see it. Then a few episodes later, I came across one of my favorite moments in the show.

When that scene happened I instantly cracked up. At the end of the episode, I couldn’t remember anything it was about and had to watch it again. It’s about whales.

A few more hours and a few more episodes are ahead of me. Hopefully I won’t be let down on Tuesday when I get the game. I plan to stream some gameplay so head back if you have the chance and I’ll have the links posted. Until then, have a good day.


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