State of the Fantasy…03-30-2014

Here we are at the start of the MLB season and fantasy is back in full swing. I, however, do not know fantasy baseball very well. To that point, I will not be making a weekly postings as I did for fantasy football. I’m trying to get some other people in as writers and podcasters to cover this but I’m not having a lot of luck. I’ll be checking with a few people again for this purpose. If anybody out there has an interest, feel free to speak up.

I only have one fantasy baseball team and we did our draft on Saturday. Not sure how I did but one of the guys in the league thought I had one of the stronger teams. Not to sure about that myself but even if I do I’m sure I can make the least of it. Take a look at what I ended up with and let me know.

C – Yadier Molina – StL

1B – Adrian Gonzalex – LAD

2B – Matt Carpenter – StL

3B – Miquel Cabrera – Det

SS – Everth Cabrera – SD

OF – Giancarlo Stanton – Mia

OF – Jason Heyward – Atl

OF – Michael – Cuddyer – Col

Util – Chase Headley – SD

Util – Carl Crawford – LAD

BN – Billy Butler – KC

BN – Coco Crisp – Oak

BN – Starlin Castro – ChC

BN – Nick Swisher – Cle

BN – Mark Teixeira – NYY

SP – Justin Verlander – Det

SP – Dan Haren – LAD

RP – Addison Reed – Ari

RP – Jose Veras – ChC

P – Adam Wainwright – StL

P – Clay Buchholz – Bos

P – R.A. Dickey – Tor

Good luck to all you players and your leagues.


I Die A Lot 3-26-2014

With this video we mark the 100th death I’ve put in video for everybody. There were so many more but there isn’t enough video to show all of them.

In this video we feature Titanfall on the Xbox One. We featured this game when it was in beta and we are featuring it again in its full release. This game might be featured a lot in the near future. The review will post next week but I will tell you – it’s pretty damn good.

At the point I started capturing for this video, I was chasing challenges during my third regeneration. If you’re familiar with Call of Duty, regenerate is what prestige is in that game. Watch the good times and have a good laugh!

Men In Black, As Well

Men In Black II

Yet again, I find another a movie that I like better when I see it again.

Continuing the tale of the secret agency known as the Men In Black, the Earth is once again in danger of an alien threat. Serleena seeks the Light of Zartha. It was contested on Earth twenty-five years earlier. Agent K was involved in this transaction and he is once again needed. However, Agent K was neurolized him and he is now working for the postal service in Massachusetts.  In order to save the Earth and keep balance in the universe, Agent J must de-neurolize Agent K, find the Light of Zartha, and defeat Serleena. Pretty simple, right?

Watching this movie over again, I am both entertained and unsettled. Sure, I like the movie and enjoy seeing the old characters again in a new situation but for a series to continue and move forward there must be new characters and new story. They did do better in the third film(now I need to watch it again). Will Smith is usually good on film, the exception being After Earth, but let us not speak of that. One of my favorite actors will always be Tommy Lee Jones though — so good for so long(except that Batman movie he was in, so bad).  One other thing that did let me down was the special effects in the movie. Usually a big-time Hollywood production has THE best in special effects. This movie kind of has some B-level effects that look really fake most of the time. Perhaps the  effects budget took a hit to payoff all the big names starring in the movie. Overall it feels like that brought the movie down a notch or two.

I saw this movie in the theater when it was first released and was disappointed. It seemed like a really bad carbon copy of the original. Watching it again though, I still think that it copies a lot of the same ground the first movie did but I also see that it gives a new and extended approach to it. It almost comes off that they were trying to pay tribute and celebrate what the first movie did. Unfortunately, that should be for others to do. Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, right? One should not flatter themselves.

Our friends at Amazon will let you stream it if you don’t have Netflix. If you want to own it, Amazon will help you out there too. I’m still trying to find the MIB application process. Would you have let her go???

South Park: The Stick of About Damn Time

South Park: The Stick of TruthSome things are worth the wait, this was definitely one of them.

Being the new kid in town is never easy and being the new kid in South Park may be harder than anywhere else. That is the situation you find yourself in as your family has just moved in and you are unknowingly sent out in this mad-capped world to make friends. Almost immediately, you are pulled into a role playing game all the neighborhood boys are playing. This game only gets weirder as you are pulled into quest after quest to secure The Stick of Truth. Defeating enemies and building alliances are going to be your key to succeeding in your quests. Through it all you will learn about the town, it’s people, and just how messed up it all is.

As much as I truly enjoyed this game and felt it was very well done, it was not without some issues. Graphically it looks exactly like the show down to every single detail imaginable. The game play is a turned based RPG style so set your expectations accordingly. There was screen clipping when transversing the map while making your character run. That I can deal with but I had a bigger issue with some of the gameplay. A particular problem I had was with the magic attacks working differently than they did in the tutorials. I’d like to think that this is more to blame on my lack of RPG experience rather than a design or build issue with the game itself.

Put aside whether you like RPG’s or not and take this game for what it is – a huge homage to nearly everything South Park is and has done. There is almost no scene or environment that does not have some reference to something in the show. It might be the case that there are so many references you’ll never notice or find all of them. Lot’s of old humor and gags show up through out the game which will surely keep you laughing. The comedy is even blended into the fight mode, for example when you invoke one of Butter’s special attacks Professor Chaos takes his place on the screen and he is shown in the same animation style as the show.

After a long delay this game has been delivered upon us. I looked at my receipt from my pre-order and it had been well over a year. At least two changes in the release date had me worried if this game would ever ship at all. Then again, when THQ folded it left a lot of things in question. How big of a fan boy you are for South Park may determine if you want to buy now or by later. Even with all the goodies of South Park, the game is much shorter than most RPG’s. I did not complete all of the side quests but I feel like I did most of them and I managed to complete the campaign in twelve hours or so. Replay value is pretty good if you want to go back and try to find all the references you may have missed. Having to drudge through the combat again may be a discouragement, however. GameStop, Amazon, and everybody is still asking the full $60 since it is new, so no cheaper options for a while.