Man of Stool

Man of SteelI really thought Superman Returns was going to be the low watermark for Superman movies…I was wrong.

If you don’t know the story of Superman, let’s do a quick recap. Superman’s home world, Krypton, is destroyed by its people over mining it(at least in this movie). Before its destruction, however, Superman’s father places his infant son in a spaceship that eventually lands on Earth. Here Superman grows up, learns of humanity, and how to use his powers for the betterment of mankind. In this flavor of Superman, his nemesis is a group of criminal Kryptonians that have been endlessly searching for him. Now he must battle them and save Earth.

The movie wasn’t completely bad so let’s cover the good parts first. The special effects were amazing. Nothing looked cheap or drawn in. Kudos to Russel Crowe being able to pull of another great supporting actor role. Amy Adams was quite fetching. That little wiggle in her walk was great. That’s if for the good things.

Now the rest of the movie and I don’t even know where to start. Why do they have to go over the back story of Superman every time? Superman is a pretty well established character in pop-culture and this movie further aggravates the tale by dragging it out through almost the entire movie by using flashbacks. Not only does it make the movie unnecessarily long but it makes it choppy and difficult to get into. Plot holes are staggering in this one. I can only hope my disinterest in the story as a whole was the reason I didn’t understand why certain things were happening. It just seemed like too many story elements were unnaturally grafted in. I’m fairly certain that whomever wrote this particular scrip doesn’t know too much about Superman or I hope somebody forced in a hole slew of changes against better judgment. Whether it was the story or the actor I’m not sure but Henry Cavill is not a convincing Superman.

I was excited about this movie, that was until I actually saw it. Rebooting a franchise sometime works out for the best but I feel like this reboot landed straight in the toilet. I can’t wait to see the Superman vs. Batman flick. Ah-man, I hope they cancel that thing.

A friend of mine had purchased this movie on iTunes so at least I didn’t pay to watch this disaster. It’s not on Netflix or Amazon Instant yet. The going price at Amazon is $18.50. Mama said let’s just move on from this one.


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